Thank you to the Fans and Sponsors for support this year!

We had a great time seeing you at the tracks and thank you for your ongoing support. We made some big changes this season with Drivers and look forward to next year having Our new Driver (Donovan Peterson) in place for next season in the #9m Sprint Car. We were able to qualify with a top 3 finish this year in a Outlaw 410 race at Huset’s Speedway and race in the big $10,000 to win Final Night Race. The car qualified the best we had all year and we tried a new set up to take a chance to win it all , but it did not work out and missed out on the big money. Hope to see you all next year, and have a great off season!

Last race of the year

donovan and parents

8/19/2012 Huset’s Speedway #9m 410 Outlaw Race

It was a very fun night for the 9m empire racing team. Donovan Peterson drove to a heat race win, and came out with 3rd place in the A Main at Huset’s Speedway tonight. Picture shows Donovan and his mom and dad, we were all very excited tonight when we learned we had now qualified for the $10,000 to win race at the end of season. Thanks to all the fans who stoped by and all our sponsors who make this happen.


6/01/2012 Race Night at Jackson Speedway MN

Sorry to our fans but we had a rough night in Jackson with some new motor and new car issues and never got on track with anything working as it should, but we are taking care of it and hope to be at Hartford tonite in the #9m 360. Oh yeah, if you seen the car the new body didn’t show up in time and we had to threw on (mr. Ugly) for the week end.. LOL


9-03-2011 Black Hills Speedway 360 Nationals 2 day event

Both the #9m Team and #9 360 Sprint Car Teams were in Rapid City to race a 2 day points show. After a rough Friday night for both teams, Saturday would be a different story. The #9m DJ Brink Car finished 4th and the #9 Aaron Wendt Car finished 7th to end the weekend with both Teams in the top 10. Many hard hours of work and Special thanks to all who helped out including the Fans and Sponsors.

Huset’s points Championship Sunday and Final 410 Race Night

WE were excited to be in the points race for 2011 and it was a wild night of racing. Many wrecks and delays made for a long night of racing, but plenty of action for the Fans. We finished 5th and very close to a 4th place finish.

The last few weeks showed a improvement with our final Placement in the points ending up 8th for the the year.

Racing the Top class Teams in the country and finishing in the top 10 for the season is always a GOOD Year!

Special Thanks to All the SPONSORS, Fans and Crew members !!!


DJ won the last race of the year at Rock Rapids Speedway in a wingless Sprint Car! CONGRAT’S!!! to DJ and the Crew! It’s Great to have 2 Wins this year in the wingless Spint class, Keep it charging to the front in the 410 Sunday!!

8-21-2011 Huset’s Speedway 410 Race

DJ did well driving the #9m 410 having to start 15th out of 18 cars with a Finish of 11th in a field of High test 410 drivers this week. Results below..

A Feature: 1. 57-Shane Stewart, Pittsboro, IN (5); 2. 101-Chuck Mcgillivray, Madison, SD (2); 3. 55-Terry Mccarl, Altoona, IA (1); 4. 35-Justin Henderson, Minersville, PA (8); 5. 12-Lynton Jeffrey, Prairie City, IA (6); 6. 1Z-Jessica Zemken, Sprakers, NY (4); 7. 7K-Robby Wolfgang, Sioux Falls, SD (7); 8. 44W-Austen Wheatley, Lake Stevens, WA (10); 9. 14-Jody Rosenboom, Rock Rapids, IA (12); 10. 13-Mark Dobmeier, Grand Forks, ND (9); 11. 9M-Dj Brink, Brandon, SD (15); 12. 4-Cody Hansen, Nunda, SD (11); 13. 97-Alan Gilbertson, Kasson, Mn (14); 14. 3-Donovan Petersen, Brookings, SD (13); 15. 2B-Bryan Dobesh, Sioux Falls, SD (3); 16. 6-Tommy Barber, Brandon, SD (16); 17. 4F-Chad Frewaldt, Kansas City, KS (18); 18. 51-Doug Martens, Ward, SD (17)


We are working to have a strong finish in the points this year and are in 7th at Huset’s now and should make 6th at end of year. Points below.

410 Outlaw Sprints
(Point Standings as of 8/21/11)
Rank Car # Driver Name Hometown Total
Points Feature
1 13 Mark Dobmeier Grand Forks ND 654 *****
2 12 Lynton Jeffrey Prairie City IA 629
3 14 Jody Rosenboom Rock Rapids IA 609
4 4 Cody Hansen Nunda SD 583
5 101 Chuck McGillivray Madison SD 572
6 11X Gregg Bakker Sioux Falls SD 552 **
7 9M DJ Brink Brandon SD 518
8 3 Donovan Petersen Brookings SD 507
9 24,55 Terry McCarl Altoona IA 439 **
10 99J Jacob Ossenfort Rapid City SD 403
11 33 Robby Wolfgang Sioux Falls SD 395
12 17A Austin McCarl Altoona IA 335 **
13 1W Chad Meyer Harrisburg SD 293
14 51 Doug Martens Ward SD 282
15 2L Logan Forler Eatonville WA 265
16 97 Alan Gilbertson Kasson MN 230
17 57 Shane Stewart Pittsboro IN 216 **
18 P51 Jeff Carlson Wayne NE 212
19 8 Casey Mack East Grand Forks ND 174
20 23W Scott Winters Butterfield MN 167
21 1X,1G Justin Glaser Sioux Falls SD 159
22 7K Robby Wolfgang Sioux Falls SD 154
23 2B Bryan Dobesh Sioux Falls SD 146
24 4X Eric Schulz Sioux Falls SD 96
25 9MX Aaron Wendt Rapid City SD 88
26 5 Dave Glennon Casselton ND 83
27 27 Chris Ranten Fisher MN 78
28 6 Tommy Barber Brandon SD 70
29 35 Justin Henderson Minersville PA 66
30 44W Austen Wheatley Lake Stevens WA 65
31 1Z Jessica Zemken Sprakers NY 63
- 25 Cory Mack East Grand Forks MN 63
33 83 Paul McMahan Nashville TN 62
34 44W Austen Wheatley Lake Stevens WA 61
35 15 Donny Schatz Fargo ND 60
36 2D Dusty Ballenger Harrisburg SD 56
37 21 Brian Brown Grain Valley MO 54
- 56 Johnn Cressman Hartford SD 54
- 92 Mitch Mack East Grand Forks MN 54
40 47 Brady Stevenson East Grand Forks MN 52
- 33L Danny Lasoski Higginsville MO 52
42 4H Kenny Hansen Nunda SD 50
- 31 Shane Roemling Grand Forks ND 50
- 1H Butch Koziol Lamberton MN 50
45 4K Paul Jeffrey Kellyville 49
46 51X Gary Paulson Woodland CA 44
47 19 Danny Heskin St. Michael MN 38
48 4F Chad Frewaldt Kansas City KS 37
- 1HX Andy Jones Princeton MN 37
- 99 Jordan Gaahan Grand Forks ND 37
51 10TR Bob Martin East Grand Forks MN 31
52 2K Kevin Ingle Huron SD 27
53 04 Cap Henry Bellevue OH 20
- W20 Greg Wilson Benton Ridge OH 20
- 83TS Tim Shaffer Aliquippa PA 20
- 3PM Pete Miller III Port Vue PA 20
- 89G David Gravel Watertown CT 20
- 2DB Dale Blaney Hartford OH 20
59 2 Austin Pierce Grand Forks ND 16
- 1 Chris Shirek Thompson ND 16
61 36 John Lambertz Sioux Falls SD 15
62 11 Nick Shirek Thompson ND 14
63 5W Lucas Wolfe Mechanicsburg PA 10
- 1HA Sye Anderson Brainerd MN 10
- 11C Roger Crockett Medford OR 10
- 4D Danny Smith Danville IN 10
- 13JM Jordan Martens Harrisburg SD 10
- 1S Stevie Smith Broken Arrow OK 10
- 83JR Tim Kaeding San Jose CA 10
- 16 Travis Whitney Minneapolis MN 10
- 17 Tyler Walker Los Angeles CA 10

Latest NEWS!! Empire Racing has added a new Driver and Team Members.

DJ Brink will now be driving the #9m Empire Racing Outlaw Sprint Car Starting this Sunday at Huset’s Speedway 7-3-2011. DJ and his Team have joined the Empire Team as well as Sponsors, 212 Bar and Grille and Schoeneman’s Construction. We are excited to see this addiction and hope and plan to move the #9m forward to the front. We would also like to thank our Fans and Sponsors for being there as we have been going through this transition this year with Driver’s.

6-04-2011 I-90 Speedway #9m BMOD Raced

Darren Wendt started the night and got 4th in heat race and made the A Main. 15th in A main out of 19 and avoided the B MAIN. We have made some adjustments and more for next week to move up from here.

Track was dry in 1 and 2 and tacky in 3 and 4 and later very dry and bumpy in one.

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