Huset’s Speedway Sunday 6/2/2013 Wild rides for both cars!

We had an eventful crazy night. Both the #5 360 Sprint Car of Aaron Wendt and the #9m 360 Car of Donovan Peterson were racing at the Bullring Sunday. The #9m was in the 410 class and the #5 was in the 360 class. Aaron was driving his all new 360 car in the heat race for first time this year at Huset’s and only second time this year when it wasn’t enough to make the transfer spot, so He had to run the B Main. He was Second in the ‘B’ and was moving well. The “A’ Main Feature was a fight. He was moving through trafic well when the #81 slide into the #5 on front stretch and threw the car for a tumble. Here is a look at the wild ride! . Aaron was really shaken but NOT strured, and will be fine! He plans to be back soon and show what he has learned next time.

The #9m of Donovan was Fast and Qualified with a 11.76 time trial in the 410 class driving a 360. The heat race was very heavy and horsepower would rule that race. The ‘A’ Main was different, In the first 3 laps Donovan pasted 6 cars and moved from 15th to 9th before a yellow caution flag. Then moved back some on restart and spun a few laps later looking for the best groove. Then restarted last again and moved back to 9th on a rail on the outside moving fast. We really thought he could get 2-3 more cars by end of race when the #44 Martin spun in turn 1 and collected our #9m at the wall. It was a end to a very Wild night but proved to see the Empire Racing Team moving forward in both classes.

It was very exciting to see your cars driving that well and very disappointing to see the damage too.

Great Job Donovan and Aaron! as well as the Crew! Brian, Mike, Darren, David, and Dalton.

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